Ai Links was founded on the principle that applied AI and effective Analytics allows for maximum flexibility and efficiency in any given Supply Chain function.   AI and Analytics both require a certain level of connected states with Machines.   Thus, IIOT is another key component fostering greater openness and intercommunication of Machines which together with AI and Analytics drive Supply Chain Automation.

In this ever increasing competitive landscape in the Supply Chain industry it is often difficult to balance the cost of automation with the incremental benefits to be realized.   An optimal balance of automation and use of flexible technologies is probably the practical path.   Even Amazon as a leading edge company in this space uses multiple methods of automation.

Ai Links will select Best in Class Global software providers to bring to the APAC region and will also work with local Asia Pacific development partners to bring localised solutions to this region.

AI Links as a regional source of technologies will work with local partners in the various markets in APAC to satisfy customers.